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Pregnancy massage has many benefits similar to regular massage.


Studies have shown that it can:

• Help with lower back pain

• Chronic headaches

• Decrease stress

• Hormones

• Anxiety

• Promote relaxation

• Improve sleep

• Reduces swelling

• Lift depression

• Improves lymphatic flow flushing toxins from your body.


A baby changes your centre of gravity causes more stress on back, neck, abdominal muscles & shoulders. Will also relax your ligaments so your pelvic joints are less stable, which will change your posture. Plus! The extra weight your carrying!!


To avoid unneeded pressure on the abdomen and uterine ligaments you will lie on your left side as this is often the most comfortable position. Special pillows make the experience safer and more comfortable.

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Pregnancy Massage

It maybe best to avoid massage if:


• you’re experiencing vomiting or morning sickness


• you’re at high risk miscarriage


• You’re at high risk pregnancy


However if you are worried please consult with your doctor.


You must be 16 weeks to receive a massage!


1 hour session - £32

25 minute session - £20


Why not treat yourself or a friend to my

'mum to be package'


• Invigorating Foot soak & scrub

• 60 minute relaxation massage

 -including back, legs, arms, neck & shoulders

• Mini hydrating facial

 -including face & scalp press point massage


Total treatment time 90 minutes - £40

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