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Beauty Retreat

Relax & Unwind

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A full body massage using firm pressure to release tight layers of muscle and tissue that develops from bad posture, injury or overuse. Relaxing stiff muscles to release pain, reduce muscle tension and chronic pain, un-stick tight muscles and improve joint mobility.



A 45 minute - an hour treatment


Sports massage is ideal for:

• Healing injures to muscles and tendons

• Preventing them from happening

• Helping athletes prepare their bodies for a big event.

Sports massage can help:

• Restore mobility to injured muscle tissues

• Help you and your body keep at peak performance level

• Boost sporting performance and help extend your sporting career.

You don’t have to be any athlete to benefit from sports massage, it is great for people: with injures, chronic pain, restricted range of motion, can be very beneficial for anyone with muscle injuries, back pain, or muscle soreness.

Sports Massage improves:

• Flexibility of joints

• Suppleness of muscles

• Increasing blood circulation and immune system

• Helps to eliminate waste products and toxins

• Increase sporting performance

• Prevents Injuries

• Reduces recovery period

• Stretches muscle tissues


Oncology Massage.

.An oncology massage is a specialist massage for those who have been diagnosed with cancer or are recovering from cancer. It uses expert techniques and works therapeutically to give a renewed sense of deep relaxation. FROM £20 FROM 30 MINUTES

by Appointment Tel: 07565  768 386

Sport Massage

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